What is Zinc Stearate Used For?

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zinc dodecyl stearate

Zinc dodecyl stearate Formula:(C18H35O3)2Zn Molecular weight:663.8 The product is white to light yellow powder. Lose on drying 2.00% Zinc content: 9-10.5% free acid 3.0% heavy metal 0.0010% fineness: 200mesh passing99.0%…


Zinc stearate CAS 557-05-1

Product name: Zinc stearate English name: Zinc stearate Molecular formula: [CH 3 (CH 2 ) 16 COO] 2 Zn Properties: white powder, insoluble in water; soluble in hot ethyl alcohol, turpentine, benzene and other organic solvent Quality standard: HG/T3667…


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