FeNiCu pre alloy powder

Chemical Composition FeNiCu Oxygen Content(%) 0.60 Laser Granularity D50(um) 5.6-6.5 Theoretical Density(g/cm3) 8.31 Main uses and features: The expansion coefficient is small, which is mainly used for glass sealing and soft glass sealing of various…


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Molybdenum Chloride powder MoCl5 CAS 10241-05-1

Molybdenum Chloride MoCl5 powder Features: ITEM NO Appearance Particle size Purity Melting point Boiling point Density CAS No. EINECS No. MoCl5-P1 Green black monoclinic crystal 50nm 99.6% 194℃ 268℃ 2.928g/cm3(25℃) 10241-05-1 233-575-3 Molybdenum Chl…


Germanium metal (Ge)-Single crystal

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Potassium carbonate (K2CO3)-Powder

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