Calcium stearate emulsion, 50%

Calcium stearate dispersion is water-based calcium, also known by the name calcium stearate.Solid Content: 50 %Note: We also offer food grade, pharmaceutical-grade and industrial-grade calcium stearate. Calcium Stearate Emulsion: Calcium steara…


CAS 1592-23-0 Calcium Stearate Powder

Calcium stearate powder, which is a fine, white powder, has a smooth, tactile feel and can be dissolved in toluene or ethanol. Calcium Stearate Properties Calcium Stearate powder A fine, fluffy, white powder that is easily soluble in toluene an…


High Quality Calcium Dodecyl Stearate

Calcium dodecylstearate, a chemical substance that looks like a needle, is flaky. It is not soluble or soluble with water. However, it can be dissolved in alcohol, ether, and chloroform. It can be used in the production of grease as well as for organ…


What is Calcium Stearate?

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Calcium dodecyl stearate

Calcium dodecyl stearate Formula:(C18H35O3)2Ca Molecular weight:638.5 The product is white to light yellow powder. Lose on drying 5.00% Calcium content: 5.5-7.0% free acid 3.0% heavy metal 0.0010% fineness: 200mesh passing99.0%…


Calcium stearate CAS NO 1592-23-0

Product name: Calcium stearate English name: Calcium stearate Molecular formula: Ca[CH 3 (CH 2 ) 16 COO] 2 Properties: Calcium stearate is fine white powder; soluble in methylbenzene, ethyl alcohol and other organic solvent Main uses: It is widely us…


Water-Based Calcium stearate as lubricant

Water-Based Calcium stearate as lubricant Specification index: Chemical structural formula: Ca(C18H35O2)2 Molecular weight: 607.03 Purity: 99% Ca: 6.60% Stearic acid: 93.40% Melting point: 179-180C Appearance: White milky emlusion Solid mat…


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