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what is niobium carbide and its applications

Niobium carbide is green cubic crystal with metallic luster and belongs to sodium chloride cubic crystal system。
Niobium carbide is a frequent intentional product in microalloyed steels due to its extremely low solubility product in austenite, the lowest of all the refractory metal carbides.

Niobium Carbide nanoparticles/nanopowder are generally used in tool bits for cutting tools due to their property of being very hard. In nuclear reactors Niobium Carbide nanoparticles/nanopowder can be used as refractory coatings. Niobium Carbide nanoparticles/nanopowder are used to produce arc-welding rods and in corrosion-resistant steel.
Niobium carbide has an extremely low solubility product in austenite. When niobium carbide is added by micrometre-sized precipitates, it is virtually insoluble in steels at all temperatures. Niobium carbide's location at ground boundaries prevents excessive gran growth.