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usage and precautions for nano titanium dioxide photocatalys

Usage for nano titanium dioxide photocatalyst: Use JR05 (nano titanium dioxide)  powder as distilled water, deionized water to make a solid solution of 1-2%, spray on the wall, ceiling that require good atomization, no water droplets, formaldehyde and odor will achieve the standard within 24 hours,  you can spray twice more if the smell is heavy. 
1. Outside the furniture, it is generally recommended to use a good quality towel soaked in water (the concentration of the aqueous solution is 1%), It is not recommended to spray on metal surface.
2. Ventilation begins after spraying. If there are a lot of indoor furniture, formaldehyde will volatilize faster and the concentration is higher. It is recommended to spray several times to increase the degradation rate.