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nano gold solution

The nano gold is made of high-purity gold.It is made into a particle size of less than 15nm after a special processing, which greatly improves the inherent characteristics of gold, such as catalytic effect, free radical removal, dispersion effect and so on.

Main characteristics of nano gold solution:
Efficient catalysis
Free radical removal
Antibacterial effect
Strong antioxidant capacity
to promote metabolism
Corrosion resistance
Friction resistance
No allergies to any skin

Application field of nano gold solution:
Food, glass, and coloring agents for organisms.
Identification technology for genetics.
Used for the refining of environmental purification products.
A preservative for foods and cosmetics.
Add to cosmetics to whiten, anti-aging, emollient effect.
Production of antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory drugs, medical equipment, health supplies, beauty care equipment.
Produce all kinds of daily necessities, food, drinks, etc. that are closely related to people's lives. Such as nano gold soap, toothbrush, a variety of beauty masks.