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Why hard alloy powder produced by powder metallugy


Because raw material of hard alloy is carbide, the kind of high melting point, hard and brittle metal compounds such as tungsten carbidetitanium carbide. after being processed to cutting tools and moulds , due to the high hardness It is difficult to carry on the processing to appropriate shape and size,on the other hand, It is difficult to combine the tungsten carbide to a certain shape and size of the workpiece, so had to use glue make them "sticky" together, these adhesives usually use cobalt to combine them together, called hard alloy, sometimes uses steel to combine them together, called the steel bonded hard alloy, It is difficult to evenly mix steel, cobalt and tungsten carbide together.

Tungsten carbide has high melting point, and not easy to smelting, therefore turn them into powder, the powder is then easy to mix evenly, after the compression molding, sintering, the tiny particles of cobalt or steel melting, and tungsten carbide can't melt at this temperature, after cooling down, cobalt or steel combine tungsten carbide powder to form a complete whole body.

It can be seen from the above production process that the production of hard alloy products can only be produced by powder metallurgy.