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What role does molybdenum disulfide grease play in mechanica

Molybdenum disulfide grease takes synthetic oil as base oil and is made of low viscosity PAO. It is a cost effective high and low temperature synthetic grease. In extreme pressure environment, the product plays an important role in the mechanical lubrication process, which can bring good lubrication effect to various machinery. At the same time, various anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion elements are added into the product. It can protect the mechanical equipment while lubricating the machinery production. For example, it can reduce the various wear caused by the high pressure and impact load of the gear and provide long-term effective anti-wear and rust protection work.

In addition, it is an excellent solid lubricant with excellent high temperature resistance. It can not be lost or drip at high temperature. Even if the grease decomposes and deteriorates, molybdenum disulfide can maintain its lubricating efficiency. And it does not contain silicone, it can avoid contact point failure, effectively reduce noise from plastic gears, long service life, its base oil is non-toxic and tasteless, and meets environmental protection requirements. 

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