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Trade frictions escalated US can not get sweets?

On September 18th, the U.S. government announced the implementation measures to impose tariffs on imports of about 200 billion U.S. dollars from China. Since September 24, the tariff rate has been increased by 10%, and the tariff rate will increase from January 1 next year up to 25%. As a counter-measure, iron boride the Chinese government immediately announced a 10% or 5% tariff on approximately US$60 billion worth of goods originating in the United States, which will be implemented from 12:01 on September 24, if the US insists on further increasing the tariff rate. The Chinese side will respond accordingly. niobium boride This marks a further escalation of the Sino-US trade war. 
In the past few days, the Trump administration has been arguing with China on the issue of trade, and has issued an invitation to the Chinese side to hold a new round of trade consultations. On the other hand, the Trump has begun to open a new round of trade friction. This is a continuation of Trang. The general government put pressure on China's limits and showed its stance toward China's hard-line and fulfillment of its campaign promises.zirconium diboride
Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on China’s $200 billion exports to the United States has also undergone repeated iterations, from 10% to 25% at the beginning, trying to impose a strong mentality pressure on China through large-scale and substantial tariff increases. now it is divided into steps and time-sharing tariffs, boron nitride hopes to double-edged: If China does not succumb to the US charge in the next few months, it will face a greatly increased tariff, in order to coerce China to make unilateral concessions; 
Trump knows that the United States government is opposed to the increase of tariffs. In the mid-term election polling day and the two major US holidays - Thanksgiving and Christmas, the first step is to increase the lower tariff rate to reduce the impact of consumer costs to american people. we must know that from Thanksgiving to Christmas is the most important holiday shopping season in the United States, social consumption during this period accounts for about a quarter of the total annual consumption, US dealers often ordered a large number of goods from China months before the shopping season. gallium nitride 
Since the beginning of this year, Trump has spurred the trigger of the trade war and “sniffed” a series of major trading partners. He has made several “point shots” to China in succession, and a pair of ambitions must be obtained. silicon nitride Trump once claimed that the trade war is a "good thing", the US can "easy to win", and not long ago he rushed to send a tweeter claim that the increase of tariffs "unexpectedly effective", has "severely hurt China", the United States "Quickly won."