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The Application Of Nano Titanium Dioxide In Sunscreen Cosmet

UV is a harmful light wave in the sunlight. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet light will lead to erythema, dark spots, skin aging and serious skin cancer. In recent years, with the enhancement of UV awareness and health consciousness, the development and application of sunscreen cosmetics gradually become a research hotspot. Because of the high refractive index and high optical activity, titanium dioxide has been identified as a major sunscreen. Nano-titanium dioxide has a more superior performance seriously and is used for research and development of newly high-quality sunscreen cosmetics. It gradually shows its special advantages and potential applications. Strong UV resistance of titanium dioxide is because of its high refractive index and high optical activity. UV resistance and its glutathione mechanism and its particle size: when a larger particle size, reflection, scattering the UV barrier is based, and the Polish area and longer wavelength UV. Sun protection mechanism is to simply cover, is a general physical sunscreen, sunscreen weak; the particle size decreases, the light through the particles of titanium dioxide surface, the longer wavelength UV reflection, scattering is not obvious, but in wave District UV absorbent is significantly enhance particle size and activity, both reflection and scattering ultraviolet rays, can also absorb ultraviolet light, and thus have a stronger barrier against UV. Nano-titanium dioxide UV absorption mechanism is: the electronic structure of nano titanium dioxide formed by the price of electronic band and the empty orbital conduction band constitute the, when its subject to ultraviolet radiation than their forbidden bandwidth degree (approximately 2. 3 eV,) energy The big light is absorbed, the valence band of the electronic excitation to the conduction band, resulting in the valence electron with the lack of electrons and holes, the formation of easily movable and highly active electronic 2 hole. Visible, ultraviolet radiation, the activation of surface water extent and rate of oxygen are the three basic conditions of the optical activity of titanium dioxide. But in the past sunscreen mostly benzophenone, o-amino-benzophenones, esters of salicylic acid, amino benzoic acid, cinnamic acid esters, and other organic compounds, and therefore unstable, short life, and side effects certain toxic and irritating, if you add in excess, will produce chemical allergens, and may even lead to skin cancer. Nano-titanium dioxide inorganic constituents, has excellent chemical stability, thermal stability and non-migratory tretinoin and strong eliminate color strength, hiding power, low corrosion, good ease of dispersion and non-toxic, tasteless, non-irritating, safe to use, but also both play the roles of sterilization and deodorization. More importantly, As mentioned above, nano titanium dioxide both absorb ultraviolet light, but also emission, scattering UV, anti-UV ability, compared with the same dose of organic ultraviolet screening agent, the absorption peak in the ultraviolet region higher; and nano titanium dioxide on the MW area and the longer wavelength UV are the barrier effect, unlike the organic ultraviolet screening agent is only a single wave district or longer wavelength UV shielding effect. Especially because of its particles smaller manufactures high level of transparency, through visible light to join the cosmetic use of skin white naturally, to overcome some organic matter or pigment grade titanium dioxide opaque, so that the skin showing the shortcomings of unnatural pale. Precisely because of this, nano titanium dioxide was quickly widespread attention and gradually replaces some of the organic ultraviolet screening agent, to become today's sunscreen cosmetics performance superior to a physical shield ultraviolet screening agent. From the development trend of the sunscreen cosmetics, one inorganic sunscreen instead of the organic sunscreen, two bionic sunscreen. The latter cost is difficult to promote the former affordable, superior performance and the sun, which is generally optimistic. Especially titanium dioxide, due to the superior performance and prospects, resulting in the development momentum and market potential better. Because of high refractive index and optical activity, nano-titanium dioxide has become a new sunscreen agent with superior performance and has good development prospects in the application of sunscreen cosmetics. However, for efficient and safe application, API supplier should carefully study its unique optical activity in practical applications. In crystal form, particle size, preparation method and surface modification process, the careful choice to reduce or completely eliminate the hazards of its optical activity are also necessary.