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Tata Nano - World Cheapest Car

Choke the streets; let parking space shrink to millimeters Mr Tata with your Nano, but you have definitely brought dream to eality?on the streets with Nano for the iddle class?Indian family. Let the Indian farmer fire his imagination to use his Tata ano?to ferry milk cans (perched precariously nano TiO2 out of the car windows or placed on its hood. Allow him to transport his calves and implements. May the rural sari vendor take different route each day to cater to his clients with family in tow, or allow the cabbies using Nano to provide relief to bus passengers left in the lurch when there is a breakdown or strike! Nano is here for sure, even before it hits the roads! Mr Tata, shall we nano TiO2 conclude for now? Forget environmentalist fume over emissions norms; let Government fight over bureaucratic and administrative hassles; and finally, even allow opponents to raise a ar cry,? We shall only say this. Mr Tata, you have made it ano,?for all!