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Study on nano silver filled conductive paste

Silver is widely used as a conductive filler because of its high electrical conductivity, excellent physical and chemical properties, acceptable price, and its oxide and electrical conductivity. Conductive silver paste is developing towards more simplified processes, higher performance, higher reliability, and lower cost.

At present, the conductive phase in the conductive silver paste is mainly micron or submicron silver powder, and these pastes cannot meet the requirements of new technologies such as low temperature sintering and multilayer wiring. In recent years, research on the nano-crystallization of conductive pastes in conductive pastes has been carried out at home and abroad, and a certain degree of industrialization has been formed. Due to the surface effect and small size effect of nano-silver, nano-silver can be used as conductive filler to improve conductivity and thermal conductivity; reduce the amount of silver and reduce production cost; lower the curing temperature, so that the silver paste can be applied to PET template, flexible substrate, etc.; The surface of the welded metal and ceramic layers is very flat; the shear strength of the conductive paste is improved. In addition to the above-mentioned obvious advantages, there are problems such as poor dispersion stability of the slurry, agglomeration and sedimentation of nano silver, and unstable conductivity and short adaptation period after placement.