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Preparation of nano ZnS

Zinc sulfide (ZnS) is a direct transition type semiconductor compound of the IIB-VI A family. It has good infrared transmittance in the wave length range of 8-12 μm and has a high melting point. It can be used as infrared window material and has been widely used for producing light anti-reflection plating layers, high-power infrared laser windows and infrared pod windows, as well as missile reticle.

Preparation of nano Zinc sulfide powder:
Dispose a certain concentration of zinc nitrate solution, add to the circulation kettle, turn on the super-gravity rotating packed bed and circulating pump to circulate the solution in the equipment and pipeline, adjust the pH value of the solution with 1:1 hydrochloric acid, and turn on the heating control device to be systemized. After the temperature is set, the reaction is carried out by introducing hydrogen sulfide gas. After the reaction is finished, the product is sealed in a drum, and after being aged at room temperature for 48 hours, the supernatant liquid is poured, the lower layer slurry is suction filtered, and the filter cake is washed with distilled water. Dry in a constant temperature oven at 105 °C
Dry 6 ~ 7 h. Finally, nano zinc sulfide powder samples were prepared by grinding and sieving (200 mesh).