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New silver nanoparticle gel shows the prospect of treating s

A new nano-silver gel silver nanogel was developed by a group of researchers at the Agharkar Research Institute in India and a nanobiotech company based in Mumbai. The new gel is against Gram-positive and Gram- gram. Negative bacteria have strong antibacterial activity. It kills many types of bacteria, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and is effective against a large number of burn infections. It is very effective against several resistant microorganisms.
      For decades, traditional silver-based drugs have been used to treat burn wound infections and accelerate the healing process of burned skin. However, these drugs have serious side effects such as skin discoloration, cell damage and loss of efficacy in vivo. In contrast, the new nano-forms appear to be as effective as the traditional silver sulfadiazine or silver nitrate gels currently on the market, without their major side effects.
      This newly developed gel is composed of nanoparticles, each of which is 1/50th the width of human hair and contains 30 times less silver than sulfadiazine. Using specific mitochondrial markers, rodent studies have shown that silver nanogels tested on healthy skin of test animals have no significant toxicity.
The nano-silver solution produced by Luoyang Haorun Information Technology Co., Ltd. has broad-spectrum antibacterial, strong permeability, long-lasting antibacterial, washable, reproducible, safe and non-toxic, and non-resistance. Widely used in medical and health, medical equipment, textiles, coatings, daily necessities, cosmetics, flowers, ecological environment and other fields.