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Nanographene be used in concrete design

We all know that graphene is used in the development of new material batteries, but foreign scientists are currently using graphene to create the world's strongest man-made materials. Now, scientists have used it to create a new concrete that is stronger, more waterproof and more environmentally friendly than in the past. To make this concrete, a team at the University of Exeter in the UK designed a technique to suspend graphene sheets in water and then mix the water with traditional concrete ingredients. The process is reported to be inexpensive and meets modern mass production requirements.

 After testing, the concrete with graphene has a compressive strength of 146%, a bending strength of 79.5%, and a water permeability of nearly 400%. This material meets British and European building standards. Increased strength and water resistance should allow structures made of concrete to last longer. This means they do not need to be replaced frequently - the production of cement used in concrete is the main source of carbon dioxide emissions.
 In addition, it has been reported that the incorporation of graphene into concrete can reduce about 50% of other materials, including cement. Scientists say the factor should result in a reduction of 446 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions per ton of concrete produced. single layer graphene oxide powder