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Main application of magnesium nitride Mg3N2

Main applications of magnesium nitride powder: 
1. As a catalyst when preparing nitrides of other elements of high hardness, high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance. The first catalyst used to successfully synthesize cubic boron nitride is magnesium nitride.
2. Additives for high strength steel smelting. Magnesium nitride (Mg3N2) replaces desulphurized magnesium in building steel smelting, which is beneficial to increase the density, strength, tensile strength and endurance of steel. In addition, the use of magnesium nitride (Mg3N2) for desulfurization can reduce other additives in an appropriate amount, thereby helping to reduce the production cost of construction steel.
3. Preparation of special ceramic materials
4. Making special alloy foaming agent
5. Used in the manufacture of special glass 6. Catalytic polymer cross-linking
7. Recovery of nuclear waste
8. Catalyst for synthetic diamond synthesis and cubic boron nitride catalyst material