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Introduction for copper iron alloy

Copper-iron alloys with eight to sisteen m/m cast-iron were ready by melting aluminous copper and iron in carbon crucibles in an induction chamberbeacuse of carburization of iron throughtour melting, 2 softens were shaped throughtout cooling of melt from 1400 °C, a copper-rich and an iron-rich soften.Microstructures of obtained solid melts were analyzed.

Copper-Iron Alloy CFA (Cu-Fe Alloyis that the material that holds the wonderful characteristics of each copper of 6000 years of history and Iron of 4000 years of history. Copper-Iron Alloy CFA is expected to develop a brand new road into an natural philosophy material as an electrical semiconductive material, electrothermal material, a structural material, a magnetic material and as a spring material, lures attention as a fabric that provides new business opportunities.

Copper-Iron Alloy CFA has the characteristics of each copper and iron, and has attractedthe eye as a fabric which will wide contribute to the economic worlds like the negatron, electricity, and machines. Moreover, It's been spotlighted as an magnetic attraction shielding material for its high performance in magnetic attraction shielding result, that reciprocally demonstrates the magnetic attraction characteristic of iron and electroconductive characteristic of copper.