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Do You Know about Silicon Oxide SiO2 Hollow Nanospheres


The Application Status of Silica

In many fields, silica is a powerful presence. It not only breaks through the limitations of traditional glass, quartz sheet, rubber, coatings and other fields, but also in CCL copper clad laminates, EMC epoxy plastic packaging, 5G communications, semiconductor technology, etc. The field of application also has rapid growth. However, for some emerging technology fields, silica powder prepared by traditional technology cannot meet the requirements-for example, silica particles used in nano-drug delivery systems must have orderly and continuously adjustable Mesoporous structure, large specific surface area, excellent biocompatibility and surface functional groups are easy to be modified and other characteristics, can be competent for the work of drug carriers.

The Position of SiO2 Hollow Nanospheres in the Field of Silicon Dioxide

At present, in the field of silica, there are two types of nanostructures that have received much attention, one is hollow mesoporous SiO2 microspheres; the other is monodisperse spherical SiO2. The former has a high specific surface area and pore volume, and is a good catalyst and drug carrier; the latter has a large specific surface area, good dispersion, and good optical and mechanical properties, and is important in ceramics, coatings, optoelectronics and other fields. application.

New Discovery of Silica Hollow Sphere in Research

Combine mesoporous nickel/silica hollow spheres with graphene to construct a multifunctional high-performance lithium-sulfur battery separator. The hollow Ni/SiO2 sphere is composed of a large number of silica nano-sheets, in which a large number of metallic Ni nanoparticles are uniformly dispersed. Through experimental research and theoretical research, it is found that porous silica nanosheets can adsorb LiPSs. Ni nanoparticles with good dispersion not only have a strong chemical effect with LiPSs, but also accelerate the redox kinetics during the cycle. Graphene builds a good conductive network and promotes the redox kinetics of Li2S precipitation. The excellent ground anchor conversion function and perfect conductive network ensure low permeability and high sulfur utilization.

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