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Difference of Ferroferric Oxide and Iron oxide


The difference of Ferroferric Oxide and iron oixde are as below:
1. Because the intensity of combustion in oxygen is different between the two, the final color is not the same.
Ferric oxide is red, while ferroferric oxide is black

2, Can use magnets to make the distinction: ferric oxide is not attracted to magnets, on the contrary, ferroferric oxide will be attracted.

First of all, both are products of the combustion of iron in oxygen, except that iron oxide burns less violently in oxygen than ferroferric oxide, which can be formed by the full combustion of iron oxide (Fe2O3).


Ferroferric oxide, chemical formula is Fe3O4.It can be approximately regarded as a compound of ferrous oxide and iron oxide (FeO·Fe2O3).This material is soluble in acid solution, insoluble in water, alkali solution, ethanol, ether and other organic solvents.Natural ferroferric oxide is insoluble in acid solution and easily oxidized in wet air. Usually used as a pigment and polish, but also for manufacturing audio tape and telecommunications equipment.


Ferric oxide, chemical formula Fe2O3, reddish-brown powder, is a kind of low grade pigment, which is called iron oxide red in industry. It is used in paint, ink, rubber and other industries, and can be used as catalyst, polishing agent of glass, gem and metal, and can be used as raw material for iron making.