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China quickly countered the third round of the United States

The Trump administration has imposed tariffs on a new batch of Chinese goods worth 200 billion U.S. dollars on the 24th, Sep. The previous tariff measures were mainly for industrial products, but the latest measures cover more types of goods, and it is likely to raise the price of consumer goods such as electronic products, tools, food and household items. titanium powder
The report said that this is the most important escalation since the trade conflict between the world's two major economies. The Trump administration has already imposed tariffs on a total of $50 billion worth of Chinese goods: $34 billion in July and $160 billion in August, silicon powder and China has implemented targeted measures for equivalent US goods. 
In addition, according to Effie's report on September 23, China's response to the US tariff offensive (although relatively mild) will be a new chapter in the trade war between the two economic powers.
According to the report, China has played a seemingly more moderate role in trade confrontation in response to the pressing pressure of the US president. China has told the world that it wants to avoid conflicts, but has no choice but to defend itself. China also stressed that it is advancing the reform measures required by the West. boron nitride 
The people show firm determination
A report by the British Broadcasting Corporation website on September 24, a journalist Karishma Vaswani, said that starting from September 24, the United States imposed a 10% tarrif on Chinese goods worth 200 billion U.S. dollars from handbags zirconium carbide to textiles. China is fighting back on this matter. When Vaswani visited a pipeline factory in the suburbs of Beijing, he saw this solid determination.
Although the plan to enter the US market has been shelved, the company says it has many other options. 
Mr. Yue, the company's sales manager, told Vaswani that the US market only accounts for a small portion of the plant's output, so he is not worried.
But when Vaswani asked him what he thought of the US's tariff on China - and how he thought China should respond, Vaswani saw his true feelings on this issue.
"(We will) show them our strength!" Mr. Yue said in English. molybdenum silicon
In the face of the trade war, Mr. Yue also showed a contemptuous attitude, saying that the trade war will hurt the United States more than the damage to China.