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Aluminum powder market status in China

At present, the total annual output of global industrial aluminum powder is about 350,000 tons. Most of it is produced by China, the United States, Russia, France and India. More than 80% of the products are non-spherical aluminum powder. The production of aluminum powder in foreign countries is relatively concentrated. The production capacity of a company is much higher than 10,000 tons per year, but most of it is air-aerosolized aluminum powder. The production capacity of spherical aluminum powder is not strong. The annual total production of spherical aluminum powder and non-spherical aluminum powder in China is conservatively estimated to exceed 60,000 tons, and more than 50% is spherical aluminum powder. Since 1 01, the high value-added fine spherical aluminum powder has been in short supply at home and abroad. The demand for fine spherical aluminum powder in the automotive industry, solar photovoltaic cells, building materials decorative panels, household appliances and other industries is estimated to be 13 8 66 tons / year. The domestic spherical aluminum powder factory has a production capacity of about 45,000 tons/year. According to the yield of 26%, the production capacity of fine spherical aluminum powder is only 1 1 7 00 tons. To meet market demand, many plants are expanding.

China's spherical aluminum powder industry started in 1979, when the 7 41 6 plant and the Gai County aluminum powder plant were put into production, the scale was small. A plant with an annual output of about 130 tons is mainly used in the smoldering and refractory industries, and its operating profit is very high at the time. Since the beginning of 2001, China's economy has developed rapidly. In particular, the development of the automobile industry has led to an increase in demand for metal aluminum pigments. Hunan Tunxi County and Jihua Group have successively built several spherical aluminum powder production lines with 200 tons of beer. it is good. Beginning in 2004, seven or eight spherical aluminum powder production lines, such as Ocean Aluminum and Jiweixin, were put into operation. The supply capacity of spherical aluminum powder has increased year by year. In 2007, there was a surplus of production capacity, and most of them suffered losses. In 2008, d5 0 steamed 10 MPa below the spherical aluminum powder yield achieved a breakthrough, reaching more than 25%, the market has a better round of market conditions, changed the operating conditions of the previous three years, most of the products After the first payment, the operating profit is very good. All spherical aluminum powder manufacturers began to expand production, and pursue scale effect.