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Molecular Formula: Zr(SO4)2·4H2O
Molecular weight: 355.41
CAS NO. :34806-73-0
Appearance properties: white crystalline powder or crystalline solid. Hygroscopicity. When heated to 100°C, it turns into a molecule of crystal water, and it becomes anhydrate at 380°C. Soluble in water (water solubility at 18°C is 52g/100g), insoluble in ethanol, aqueous solution is acidic to litmus.
Usage: Catalyst carrier. Amino acid and protein precipitation agents. For cod liver oil decolorizing agent, precipitated isolated amino acids (such as glutamic acid); used as a white leather tanning agent, so that the leather surface is delicate, rich and flexible, can be used as a lubricant, catalyst carrier.
For retanning of chrome leather. In combination with sulfone bridge type synthetic tanning agent, it replaces tanning rubber to make shoe leather, furniture leather, and bottom leather. Its finished product has fine pores, fullness and elasticity. And has a good filling and wear resistance.
Packing: Woven bag packaging 25kg, 50/kg, 1000kg/ton bag, cardboard drum 25kg,50kg/bucket.

Physical and chemical indicators:

             Testing result     (%)
 氧化锆        ZrO2                       33.15
 铁              Fe2O3                     0.0006
 硅              SiO2                       0.0005
 钛              TiO2                       0.0004
钙               CaO                        0.001
氯               Cl                           0.002

Remark: The product and package can be customized as clients' request