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Product List

  • Sodium Oleate cas no 143-19-1

    Nontoxic plastic additive series Product name: Sodium Oleate English name: Sodium Oleate CAS NO. 143-19-1 Molecular formula: C18H33NaO2 Properties: soluble in water and ethyl alcohol; insoluble in benzene Main uses anionic surface active agent in mineral

  • Potassium Oleate cas no 143-18-0

    Nontoxic plastic additive series Product name: Potassium Oleate English name: Potassium Oleate CAS NO. 143-18-0 Molecular formula: C 18 H 34 O 2 K Properties : easily soluble in water; soluble in hot alcohol Main uses catalyst of poly melamine urea acid e

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