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Selenide powder


Magnetic Material

Environmental material

wafer butterfly valve

Product List

  • Nano phosphorus doped Si Silicon powder cas 69012-64-2

    silicon powder used pulverizing method with high purity. It has gray irregular shape powder, in moist air not easy oxidation

  • Chromium powder Cr CAS 7440-47-3

    high purity ultra fine chromium powder,Chromium is best known for its remarkable magnetic properties. It can take an anti-ferromagnetic properties at room temperature and changes into paramagnetism at temperatures beyond 38 degrees Celsius.

  • nano silver solution

    nano silver solution for antibacterial effect used in hospital, textile,public place

  • Colloidal gold Au liquid cas 7440-57-5

    Features of liquid Colloidal gold : Nano liquid Colloidal gold is prepared by dispersing 15nm or even smaller gold nanoparticles into water solution. The preparation will end up with uniform neutral solution with stable color. The gold nanoparticles solut

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