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Cupronickel Cu90Ni10 alloy copper nickel alloy powder

Cupronickel Cu90Ni10 alloy copper nickel alloy powder

Cupronickel Cu90Ni10 alloy copper nickel alloy powder


Product description for cupro nickel powder nano albata:

  Product name: Particle size: purity: Color: Cystal form: Specific surface area(m2/g) Volume density(g/cm3)
 cupronickel alloy 70-100nm, 5um, 10um 99.9%  black   spherical 12.3 0.15


Remark: The different ratio of cupronickel powder can be provided according to customers' request


Product performance for cupronickel powder nano albata:

The variable current laser ion beamgas phase method can prepare theparticle diameter and Cu-Ni component controllable highuniform mixing type nanometer nickel copper alloy powder, high purity, particle size uniform, spherical shape, good dispersion, the sintering shrinkage of small, dark black powder.

Application for nano albata cupro nickel powder:

(1) powder metallurgy for copper-based or nickel-based alloy
(2) the surface coating of maritime vessels seawater corrosion resistant materials
(3) lubricant wear-resistant, anti-wear additives
(4) conductive, thermally conductive filler material
(5) The electromagnetic shielding materials
(6)Manufacturing a multilayer ceramic capacitor terminal and the internal electrode, electronic components, electronic paste etc


Packaging and shipping for nano albata cupro nickel powder:

The cupronickel powder is packed in vacuum bag, 1kg/bag or as customers' request


The cupronickel powder can be delivered within 5 working days after receiving payment.