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  • About indium arsenide

    Indium arsenide is a semiconductor composed of indium and arsenic. It appearance grey solid crystals with a melting point of 942 C. Indium arsenide is a semic onductor material fabricated from arsenic and metallic element . The semiconductor includes

  • Indium antimonide introduction

    Indium antimonide with the chemical formula InSb. Due to their high thermal sensitivity and favorable region transmission within the 3- to 5-m spectral region, cameras supported InSb sensors are employed in ancient applications like medium- to long-range

  • Characteristics of arsenic selenide

    Arsenic selenide which chemical formula is As2Se3. Synthetic crystals of arsenic triselenide are adult by vapour part technique in vacuum sealed tubes moreover as in tubes sealed below trditonal air pressure . In each the cases nucleation and growth were

  • Systhesis of nickel selenide

    Nickel selenide, with the chemical formula NiSe and CAS NO 1314-05-2. A metal-rich kind of Nickel selenide , nickel subselenide, Ni3Se2 has been investigated as a possible element evolution electrocatalyst underneath base-forming conditions for the primar

  • Development of Antimony selenide

    Antimony selenide (Sb2Se3) could be a promising absorbent material for skinny film photovoltaics due to its enticing material, optical and electrical properties. In recent years, the ability conversion potency (PCE) of Sb2Se3 skinny film star cells has bi

  • Usage of lithium stearate

    Lithium stearate is that theatomic number 3 salt of saturated fatty acid .along side atomic number 3 12-hydroxystearate, atomic number 3 stearate could be a element of atomic number 3 grease. Both lithium metal and its compounds have several uses. lithium

  • Brief introduction of lithium 12-hydroxystearate

    lithium 12-hydroxystearate is widely used as lubricants, stabilizers, decolorizers, thickeners. TG and DSC techniques proved helpful within the study of the thermal properties of lithium stearate,lithium 12-hydroxystearate and connected greases. beneath a

  • Introduction for copper iron alloy

    Copper-iron alloys witheight to sisteen m/m cast-iron were ready by melting aluminous copper and iron in carbon crucibles in an induction chamber . beacuse of carburization of iron throughtour melting, 2 softens were shaped throughtout cooling of melt fro

  • Research on chromium diboride in China market

    Chromium diboride that the chemical formular is CrB2. In recent years,chromium diboride (CrB2) as a transition metal boride is recognized asa possible candidate for high-temperature structural applications due to some outstanding propertieslike high melti

  • what is niobium carbide and its applications

    Niobium carbide is green cubic crystal with metallic luster and belongs to sodium chloride cubic crystal system。 Niobium carbide is a frequent intentional product in microalloyed steels due to its extremely low solubility product in austenite, the l

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