dysprosium carbonate

Molecular Formula: Dy2(CO3)3
Molecular weight: 505.033
CAS NO. :38245-35-1
Appearance properties: light yellow crystal
Packing: Woven bag packaging 25kg, 50/kg, 1000kg/ton bag, cardboard drum 25kg,50 kg/bucket.

Physical and chemical indicators (%):
TREO:≥43.00% Dy2O3/TREO:≥99.70%
RE  Impurities  Content(%) Non-RE  Impurities  Content(Max %)
CeO2:       <     0.01
La2O3:        <     0.01
Pr6O11:       <     0.01
Nd2O3 :      <     0.01
Y2O3:        <     0.005
Fe2O3:      0.002
SO42-:       0.010
PO43-:       0.005
SiO2:       0.005
Cl-:         0.026

Remark: The product and package can be customized as clients' request

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