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Usage of lithium stearate


Lithium stearate is that theatomic number 3 salt of saturated fatty acid.along side atomic number 3 12-hydroxystearate, atomic number 3 stearate could be a element of atomic number 3 grease.

Both lithium metal and its compounds have several uses. lithium stearate is mixed with oils to create general-purpose and high-temperature lubricants.

Lithium hydroxide is employed to soak up carbonic acid gas in area vehicles

Lithium is alloyed with aluminum, copper, manganese, and metallic element to create superior alloys for craft.
Lithium (e.g. aslithium carbonate)is employed as associate in nursing additive to continuous casting mould flux slags wherever it will increase liquidity, a use that accounts for five of worldwide lithium use. lithium compounds are used as additives (fluxes) to mill sand for iron casting to scale back veining. lithium(as lithium fluoride) is employed as associate in nursing additive to Al smelters (Hall–Héroult process), reducing melting temperature and increasing impedance, a use that accounts for three-dimensional of production (2011). once used as a flux for attachment or fastening, bimetallic lithium promotes the fusing of metals throughtout the method and eliminates the forming of oxides by fascinating impurities.[citation needed] Alloys of the metal with Al, cadmium, copper and metal area unit accustomed build superior craft components(see conjointly Lithium-aluminium alloys).