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Study on tungsten powder and Characteristics of tungsten pow


With 3D printing technology, porous materials, high density powder injection

With the rapid development of coating and injection molding technologies, there is an increasing demand for high-quality spherical tungsten powder [4].High quality spherical tungsten powder not only has good fluidity, good sphericity, high bulk density and vibration density, but also has low oxygen content.Tungsten is a rare refractory metal with a melting point of up to 3, 655 K.

Tungsten and its alloys have high density, high temperature strength, high melting point, good heat and corrosion resistance, high hardness and excellent performance, widely used in many fields such as atomic energy, medical, national defense, military and aerospace [1-2].In manufacturing, tungsten and its alloy products are usually prepared by conventional powder metallurgy technology, that is, tungsten powder forming, sintering and post-processing.The morphology, particle size and particle size distribution, fluidity and loose packing density of tungsten powder have great influence on the properties of the billet, and then on the properties of the final tungsten products.Spherical tungsten powder is spherical or subspherical with good fluidity and loose density.