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Nanomaterials and their Applications-2

Nanomaterial Applications using Nanofibers
Applications being developed for nanofibers include stimulating the production of cartilage in damaged joints, piezoelectric nanofibers that can be woven into clothing to produce electricty for cell phones or other devices, carbon nanofibers that can improve the preformance flame retandant in funiture. Check out our Applications of Nanofibers page to see how nanofibers are being used.
Nanomaterial Applications using Nanoparticles
Applications being developed for nanoparticles include deliver chemotherapy drugs directly to cancer tumors, resetting the immune system to prevent autoimmune diseases, delivering drugs to damaged regions of arteries to fight cardiovascular disease, create photocatalysts that produce hydrogen from water, reduce the cost of producing fuel cells and solar cells, clean up oil spills, water pollution and air pollution. Check out our Applications of Nanoparticles page to see how nanoparticles are being used.
Nanomaterial Applications using Nanowires
Applications being developed for carbon nanotubes include using zinc oxide nanowires in a flexible solar cell, silver chloride nanowires to decompose organic molecules in polluted water, using nanowires made from iron and nickel to make dense computer memory - called "race track memory.  Check out our Applications of Nanowires page to see how nanowires are being used.