Lutetium Oxide (Lu2O3)-Granules

  • 12032-20-1
  • Lu2O3
  • 99.99%
  • 3 mm - 12 mm
  • 234-764-3


Lutetium(III) oxide, a white solid, is a cubic compound of lutetium sometimes used in the preparation of specialty glasses. It is also called lutecia. It is a lanthanide oxide, also known as a rare earth.

Chemical formula:Lu2O3

Molar mass: 397.932 g/mol

Melting point: 2,490 °C (4,510 °F; 2,760 K)

Boiling point: 3,980 °C (7,200 °F; 4,250 K)

Solubility in other solvents: Insoluble

Band gap: 5.5 eV


Lutetium(III) oxide is an important raw material for laser crystals. It also has specialized uses in ceramics, glass, phosphors, and lasers. Lutetium(III) oxide is used as a catalyst in cracking, alkylation, hydrogenation, and polymerization. The band gap of lutetium oxide is 5.5 eV.

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