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Lithium Manganese Phosphate (LiMnPO4)-Powder

  • LiMnPO4
  • 99.9%
  • - 325 mesh


Lithium manganese(II) phosphate, chemical formula: LiMnPO4, is a natural mineral or synthetic ternary lithium battery electrode material.The material has olivine - like crystal structure, which results in its physical and chemical stability when used as electrode material.In addition, manganese lithium phosphate has a specific capacity of 171 mAh/g and a discharge platform of about 4.1v (vs Li/Li+), which makes it an ideal material for a new generation of lithium-ion power battery.


Lithium manganese phosphate is mainly used in the research and development of cathode materials for the new generation of lithium ion batteries in the laboratory.

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