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Intelligent control efficient drive–capsule thyristors led the power revolution


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Capsule thyristor is an advanced semiconductor switching device with the characteristics of small size, stable performance, and strong controllability. Compared with traditional semiconductor devices, capsule thyristor can still maintain stable performance in extreme environments such as high temperature and high pressure, which significantly improves the reliability and stability of the power system. The core strength of the capsule thyristor is its unique structure. It adopts a fully packaged structure and integrates a variety of components, such as diodes, thyristors, etc., which makes capsule thyristors have higher integration and lower resistance loss in circuit design.

Capsule Thyristor

Structural characteristics of the capsule thyristor tube

A capsule thyristor is a semiconductor device with a fully packaged structure that integrates diodes, thyristors, and other components. This structure makes the capsule thyristor have the characteristics of small size, compact structure, and easy installation. In addition, capsule thyristor has the advantages of fast response and high withstand voltage, which can cope with the impact of large currents in a short time and effectively avoid risks such as overheating and overvoltage.

Capsule Thyristor

In contrast, traditional thyristors typically have a plug-in or surface-mount structure, which is complex to install and susceptible to environmental factors. In addition, thyristors with plug-in or surface-mount structures require process operations such as welding during the manufacturing process, which is easy to introduce mechanical stress and thermal stress, affecting their performance and service life.

Performance performance of the capsule thyristor tube

1) High-temperature performance: The capsule thyristor adopts a fully encapsulated structure, which allows it to adapt to high-temperature environments. At high temperatures, the trigger and maintenance currents of the capsule thyristor are relatively stable and do not change significantly. At the same time, due to the high level of integration of internal components, the heat dissipation performance has also been optimized, which further improves the performance at high temperatures.

2) Fast Response: Capsule thyristors use advanced chip design and manufacturing processes with fast triggering and recovery times. In circuit design, the fast response time allows for smoother current changes and avoids interference with other components. At the same time, under dynamic load conditions, the capsule thyristor is also able to quickly adjust the current size to adapt to the change in load.

3) Low leakage current: The capsule thyristor adopts an advanced chip manufacturing process and structural design, which has a low leakage current. In circuit design, low leakage current can reduce unnecessary energy loss and heat loss and improve the efficiency and service life of the circuit.

4) High inrush current capacity: Capsule thyristors are designed with the influence of inrush current in mind and have a high inrush current capacity. In circuit design, the high surge current tolerance can enable the device to withstand the instantaneous large current impact that may occur in the circuit, which improves the stability and reliability of the circuit.

In contrast, traditional thyristors perform poorly in high-temperature environments and are prone to thermal runaway. The response speed is relatively slow, and it isn't easy to adapt to rapidly changing load conditions. The leakage current is large, which is easy to cause energy loss and heat loss. The inrush current tolerance is weak, which adversely affects the stability and reliability of the circuit.

Application flexibility of the capsule thyristor

As an advanced semiconductor device, capsule thyristor has a wide range of application prospects. In the field of power electronics, capsule thyristors can be applied to various circuit topologies, such as single-phase half-control bridges, three-phase half-control bridges, inverters, etc. At the same time, due to its high withstand voltage and high current, it can also be applied to high-voltage and high-power power systems.

In contrast, traditional thyristors are limited by factors such as structure and performance in application, and it isn't easy to meet the application requirements of different circuit topologies and power systems. At the same time, conventional thyristors also have limitations such as small current capacity and low withstand voltage capacity.


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