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  • new application field of nano diamond powder

    The new application field of nano diamond power: 1. Nano diamond added to lubricating oil and cooling fluid Nano diamond in the application of lubricating oil, grease and cooling fluid are mainly used in machinery, metal processing, engine manufacturing,

  • Why hard alloy powder produced by powder metallugy

    the hard alloy powder produced by powder metallurgy method

  • Main application of magnesium nitride Mg3N2

    Main applications of magnesium nitride powder: 1. As a catalyst when preparing nitrides of other elements of high hardness, high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance. The first catalyst used to su

  • several commonly used tool coating

    1. Titanium nitride coating (TiN) TiN is a general-purpose PVD coating that improves tool hardness and has a high oxidation temperature. This coating is used for high speed steel cutting tools or forming tools for very good machining results. 2. Titanium

  • application of zinc sulfide powder

    Application of nano zinc sulfide 2 .1 Application in photovoltaic materials ZnS is an electron excess intrinsic semiconducting with a band gap of 368 kJ/mol Body, with piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties, is an excellent luminescent substrate, howev

  • nano material and applications

    Nanomaterial Applications using Carbon Nanotubes Applications being developed for carbon nanotubes include adding antibodies to nanotubes to form bacteria sensors, magnesium boride ,making a composite with nanotubes that bend when electric voltage is appl

  • New silver nanoparticle gel shows the prospect of treating s

    A new nano-silver gel silver nanogel was developed by a group of researchers at the Agharkar Research Institute in India and a nanobiotech company based in Mumbai. The new gel is against Gram-positive and Gram- gram. Negative bacteria have strong antibact

  • Iron nitride-material of magnetic liquid

    Nano-magnetic materials are one of the research hotspots in the field of materials in the world. At present, there are many types of nano-magnetic particles that can be prepared, such as ferrite, - Fe2O3 , Fe3 O4, BaFe12 O19, metal magnetic powder, rare e

  • Study on hexagonal boron nitride

    First, what is boron nitride ? Boron nitride is a crystal (BN) composed of a nitrogen atom and a boron atom, and its chemical composition is 43.6% boron and 56.4% nitrogen. Second, what is the classification of boron nitride ? According to the crystal for

  • Zinc sulfide and its application

    Zinc sulfide is white to gray or light yellow powder. Its color will be darken if expose to light. It is stable in dry air and gradually oxidizes to zinc sulfate when it is exposed to humid air or contains moisture. The research on zinc sulfide fluorescen

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