Copper (I) Selenide (CuSe)-Pieces

  • 1317-41-5
  • CuSe
  • 99.5%
  • <6mm
  • Class 9
  • 215-272-8
  • UN3077



Copper selenide is an inorganic binary compound consisting of copper and selenium. Its formula is sometimes described as CuSe or Cu2Se, but it is non-stoichiometric.It is a semiconductor and is frequently grown as nanoparticles or other nanostructures.

Compound Formula:CuSe

Molecular Weight:142.51g/mol

Appearance:Crystalline solid

Melting Point:550 °C

Density:5.99 g/cm3




In semiconductors, as catalyst in Kjeldahl digestion.Copper(II) selenide is involved in the preparation of nanocrystals, which shows significant photothermal heating with a photothermal transduction efficiency, thereby it is used for photothermal therapy applications. It is used as a semiconductor and ideal solar control coating as well as finds application in solar cell technology.

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