Ammonium iodide (NH4I)-Granules

  • 12027-06-4
  • NH4I
  • 99%-99.99%
  • 1-3mm
  • 234-717-7



Ammonium iodide is the chemical compound NH4I. It is easily soluble in water, from which it crystallizes in cubes. It is also soluble in ethanol. It gradually turns yellow on standing in moist air, owing to decomposition with liberation of iodine.

Chemical formula:NH4I

Molar mass:144.94 g/mol

Appearance:White crystalline powder

Density:2.51 g/cm3

Melting point:551 °C (1,024 °F; 824 K) (sublimes)

Boiling point:235 °C (455 °F; 508 K) (in vacuum)

Solubility in water:155 g/100 mL (0 °C);172 g/100 mL (20 °C);250 g/100 mL (100 °C)

Magnetic susceptibility (χ):-66.0•10−6 cm3/mol




It is used in photographic chemicals and some medications. Ammonium iodide and hydrogen peroxide plays an essential role for the eco-friendly oxyiodination of aromatic compounds. Ammonium Iodide and DMF is also useful for the copper-mediated selective cyanation reaction of Indoles and 2-Phenylpyridines.

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