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Tata Nano Diesel spotted testing coming soon

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The cheapest car in the world Tata Nano from the home grown auto major Tata Motors is all set to enter the markets with a diesel engine option later this year. Tata Motors has been working on this diesel version and a CNG version of Nano from a quite a while in order to in the Indian markets or might be in the festive season later this year. As far as the upcoming Tata Nano price is concerned, the price will be under Rs. 2.0 lakh so that it can lure Indian customers. There are certain drawbacks associated with the vehicle in the form of its boxy appearance, poor performance and others. The upcoming vehicle will come with the same body style and appearance while its performance is expected to be better than its existing version. People who are looking for this vehicle must also look at other options such as Alto 800 and Hyundai Eon, which comes with better performing engine and with little expensive price tag. However, the looks, style, performance and features of those cars are far better than Nano. Hence, it would be good to make comparisons before choosing this vehicle. However, if you are more concerned about the budget then it would be better to choose Nano as it is about to become the most fuel efficient vehicle ever made in India. For more details about Tata cars, along with other Tata Nano pictures and latest, upcoming and most popular cars, please log on to the website cardekho.
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