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Study on hexagonal boron nitride

First, what is boron nitride?
      Boron nitride is a crystal (BN) composed of a nitrogen atom and a boron atom, and its chemical composition is 43.6% boron and 56.4% nitrogen.
Second, what is the classification of boron nitride?
      According to the crystal form, boron nitride is classified into hexagonal boron nitride, cubic boron nitride, rhombohedral boron nitride, and wurtzite boron nitride. However, the current research on boron nitride is mainly concentrated on the hexagonal boron nitride and cubic boron nitride crystal forms. Hongwu Nano mainly concentrates on the production of hexagonal boron nitride powder, including nanometer, submicron and micrometer.

How is tetra- and hexagonal boron nitride prepared?
      There are many synthetic methods for hexagonal boron nitride, but the basic principle is that the boron source is heated and reacted together with a nitrogen source. Hexagonal boron nitride is the most commonly used boron nitride form, and its preparation methods include borax urea method, hydrothermal synthesis method, chemical vapor deposition method and precursor method.
      Compared with the process flow of various methods, it is not difficult to produce boron nitride, but the process conditions of each process have a great influence on the quality and output of the product. In order to reduce costs and improve quality, Hongwu Nano believes that several issues that must be paid attention to through production practices are: the purity and proportion of raw materials, the influence of reaction temperature and time, the influence of washing methods and the influence of drying process. Of course, production equipment, production environment, etc. will have an impact to a certain extent.

What are the main application areas of hexagonal boron nitride?
Evaporation boat ceramics
LED thermal packaging material
Boron nitride ceramic parts

Plastic, refractory additives
 Metallurgical stripper
 Aerospace field heat shielding materials
 Atomic reactor structural materials
 Cosmetic filler
 Laser anti-counterfeiting aluminum-plated trademark hot stamping material