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Properties of aluminum nitride AlN ceramic powder

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Aluminum nitride is a new type of ceramic material with excellent comprehensive properties. It has excellent thermal conductivity, reliable electrical insulation, low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, non-toxicity and thermal expansion coefficient matched with silicon. It is considered to be an ideal material for a new generation of high-concentration semiconductor substrates and electronic device packages, and has received extensive attention from researchers at home and abroad.

Compared with ceramic materials, aluminum nitride ceramics have excellent comprehensive properties and are very suitable for semiconductor substrates and structural packaging materials. The application potential in the electronics industry is enormous. In addition, aluminum nitride is also resistant to high temperatures, corrosion, and is not wetted by a variety of molten metals and molten salts. Therefore, it can be used as a high-grade refractory material and tantalum material, and can also be used as an anti-corrosion coating, such as corrosive substances. The liner of the container and processor, etc. AlN Powders can also be added as additives to various metals or non-metals to improve the performance of these materials. The high-purity aluminum nitride ceramic is transparent and can be used as an electro-optical device. 378 also has excellent wear resistance, can be used as abrasive materials and wear parts

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