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Introduction for surface treatment and modification of nano


The surface activity of nano copper powder is very high, and it is easy to be oxidized in the air to generate copper oxide or cuprous oxide, which seriously affects its service performance. Therefore, it is necessary to modify the surface of nano copper powder to slow down its oxidation speed.

The agglomeration of nanometer copper powder without any treatment is serious beacuse of high surface energy.However, nano-copper powder coated on the surface is not only well protected on the surface of the nanoparticles, but also dispersed in the resin matrix due to the steric resistance of the long polymer chains of PVP.


Oleic acid coating makes the surface of nano copper particles hydrophobic, and plays a protective role, can effectively inhibit the oxidation of copper.

At present, the anti-oxidation methods mainly include: metal coating method, organic coating method, coupling agent method, reduction protection law, corrosion inhibition method of coordination agent.

At present, the research and application of metal coating method is the core-shell bimetallic powder-silver coated nano copper.

The organic material can be coated with fatty acids, citric acid etc.Nano-copper powder was immersed in organic acid for a period of time under certain conditions to coat the surface with organic acid, or organic steam was used to coat the surface of nanoparticle copper.

Coupling agents include silane, titanate which is a surface treatment agent with two groups.

Corrosion inhibition method is a technology that can delay or prevent the oxidation of copper powder by the action of corrosion inhibitor and prevent the oxidation of copper powder by the corrosion inhibitor.Typically, bta coating.Bta has a strong binding force with clean copper surface and can form a very strong solid adsorption film. it is not easy to be washed away by water after drying. It has enough chemical inertness and good protection against SO and HS with strong corrosion.