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superfine Manganese Binoxide powder MnO2

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superfine Manganese Binoxide powder MnO2

Nano manganese dioxide 

1. electronic industry for the manganese zinc ferrite magnetic materials

2. as ferromanganese alloy steel industry of materials

3. pouring industrial increase heat agent

4. chemical industry and the catalyst oxidant

5. environmental protection industry for the purification of the waste gas hydrogen sulphide, sulfur dioxide, and as a clean up the exhaust catalyst

6. and the gas mask used as carbon monoxide in the adsorbent

7. paint and ink desiccant

8. fireworks, purification of water in addition to iron, medicine fabric dyeing and printing, etc

9. in the battery industry, a lot for a, secondary battery manufacturing, is an important batteries battery anode materials.

Nano manganese dioxide include single scattered hollow nano microspheres, nanotubes and so on many kinds of morphology. Atmospheric

pressure prepared the hollow nano microspheres, nanotubes MnO2 electrode materials. Single scattered, high surface area of nano

manganese dioxide is a cheap and electrochemical properties and the oxidation of approximate ruthenium new material, it has the special

optical, thermal and chemical and biological characteristics and being widely applied.



Technical features:

The electrode material has large specific surface area, can increase active substances and the contact between electrodes, reduce battery

internal resistance, improve the spread of ion performance, and has high electrochemical capacity and good high-power, discharge

properties; And at the same time as the carrier of catalyst, lithium battery electrodes used in air.

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