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Nigeria Bonny Light crude oil loadings at 4.95 mil barrels


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Nigeria's Bonny Light crude oil loadings at 4.95 mil barrels in Jun   Apr 23,2014 Platts Nigeria is set to load 4.95 million barrels of Bonny Light in June, compared to 4.9 million barrels in May, according to a copy of the grade's loading schedule seen by Platts on Tuesday.

There are currently five cargoes scheduled to load from the Shell-operated Bonny Light terminal in June at an average daily loading rate of 165,000 b/d, compared with 158,065 b/d in May.

According to the loading program, Nigeria's state-owned NNPC has one cargo of 950,000 barrels, Shell has three cargoes of 1 million barrels each and Total has one 1 million barrel cargo.

Bonny Light was hit by loading delays and pipeline closures throughout 2013, and was under force majeure for much of the year. The grade stabilized late in the year and the force majeure was officially lifted in late November, after which buying interest in the grade began to resume.

Bonny Light crude is produced in Nigeria from Chevron and Shell concessions. The cargoes are loaded from the Bonny Light terminal, which can accommodate VLCCs.

The grade has an API gravity of 35 degrees and sulfur content of 0.2%.