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Lithium stearate

Lithium stearate, also known as lithium octadecanoate, is stable at room temperature and pressure. Insoluble in water, ethanol and ethyl acetate. A colloid is formed in mineral oil.
Lithium stearate is mainly used as a heat stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride. It is suitable for transparent products. When used in combination with phthalate plasticizers, the product does not show white fog, and the transparency of the film is good. This product is better than other hard fats. The acid salt is easily melted in the ketone, so it has little effect on the embossing operation. This product can be used as a non-toxic substitute for saponin and lead soap. This product can also be used as an external lubricant for nylon, phenolic resin and hard. Polyvinyl chloride. The maximum dosage is 0.6 parts.
Molecular formula: C17H35COOLI
Molecular weight: 289.94
Physical properties: white fine powder.
Indicator name indicator
Lithium oxide content /% 5.0-5.6
Heating loss /% ≤1.0
Free acid (calculated as stearic acid)% ≤0.5

Fineness (0.075mm sieve) /% 99%

Advantages of lithium distearate:
1 good stability, reduce the overall cost of the enterprise
Mainly used for PVC heat stabilizer, suitable for transparent products, good performance, can reduce the comprehensive cost of the enterprise.
2 good transparency, good dispersion, reducing product defect rate
Used in combination with phthalic acid plasticizer, the product does not have white fog, and has good transparency. It is more soluble in ketones than other stearates, and has less influence on embossing operation.
3 products are widely used, the maximum dosage is 0.6 parts.
It can be used as a non-toxic substitute for barium soap and lead soap, or as an external lubricant. Wide range of applications, the maximum amount of 0.6
Lithium tristearate use
1. Widely used in high temperature lubricants.
2. Plastic industry stabilizers.
3. Emulsifying and dispersing agent for grease, gel, crayon and cosmetics.
4. Powder metallurgy lubricants.
5. Corrosion inhibitors in the petroleum industry.
Safety Tips: Avoid contact with skin and eyes.